Celtic Goblets - Hand Crafted by Bodrighy Wood

Apart from the wedding goblets the ones displayed are in stock and available immediately. If you require a similar one with inscriptions or metallic rings please contact me as they will be made to order.


The goblets all have at least one captive ring on the stem. These are created as part of the process and not added later. A single ring goblet is usually given as a token of friendship or a deep relationship and represents eternity and / or permanency (the ring has to be broken to be removed). Sometimes they are used as wedding goblets for the toasts where the bride and groom share the goblet as a symbol of unity. The double ring goblets are sold in pairs usually and again the rings are created as part of the goblet . This time the rings signify not only permanency but unity as the two rings are inseparable without either breaking the stem of the goblet or the rings themselves. These goblets can be also  be pyrographed with names, dates etc if required at a cost of £17.50 per goblet.

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